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5 Best Long Hair Extensions Hacks

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Hair extensions are a great way to play around with volume and try out new hairstyles, as well as adding more length in just a matter of minutes. However, if you’re new to the world of hair extensions, you probably want to read some useful hair extension tips to really get the most out of your faux tresses.

After all, extensions can be quite expensive, depending on which type you prefer. Generally longer lasting types cost more, while others lean towards the thriftier side. Whichever type you go for, you’ll want to look after the ones you end up with, so that they’ll last and be worth what you paid for them.

So, for those looking to learn more about their hair, here are some hair extension hacks so that you can bring salon-worthy style tips home.

  1. Use A Dresser drawer To Curl Your Clip-Ins

You can pre-curl clip-ins before putting them in your hair. Simply, put the weft in a dresser drawer and then curl them with a wand. Pop them in your head and style your natural hair around them as you go. This sounds much easier than trying to curl pre-applied clip-ins at the back of your head!

  1. Style Hair Extensions On A Wig Stand

When you’re drying your extensions and creating different styles, try to blow dry extensions and curl them using a wig stand for relaxed styling. This tip should work for you when you need to prep your extensions the night before a big day.

  1. Wash Them Regularly

You will need to shampoo and condition your extensions from time to time, depending on how often you use them and how much product you are using. Clip them in and shampoo and condition in the shower while wearing them. So if you want your Jadore hair extensions to be kept in tip-top condition, make sure to wash them often if you’re regularly using products on them.

  1. Keep Them Straight & Smooth When Washing

Be careful not to tangle your hair extensions when washing them. You should gently shampoo and condition them from the top of the weft to the ends. The more stress there is on the weft the more chance there is of your extension looking ratty. Do your best to keep your extensions smooth and straight while shampooing and conditioning. Don’t ball them up and lather, you will just end up with a tangled mess!

  1. Air Dry Your Extensions After Washing

After you have washed the extensions, make sure you dry them after brushing them out with a leave-in detangler. Use hot tools to style them after they’re 100 percent dry! You can either take them out and let them air dry on a towel or you can dry them while wearing them.

So there you have it, a handful of hair extension hacks straight from the experts so that you can get the most out of your fabulous faux hair!

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