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5 Online Gifts That Say “I Love You”

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With Valentines just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for that perfect someone.  No need to schlep all over town. You can find everything you need for that perfect “I Love You” gift online and get it delivered directly to your sweetheart just in time for Valentine’s Day! Here are five places to score an unforgettable gift:

Personalized Framed Pictures

You’ve probably got a million pictures commemorating the journey of your love. Why not take some of those memories and pair then with some beautifully crafted picture frames to create an unforgettable gift? Pick out your favorites and get ready to create a gift that wows! WIth the help of a professional framer, like Frameology, all you have to do is provide the pics and choose your style. You’ll end up with a high quality, luxury gift that is priceless.Image result for 5 Online Gifts That Say "I Love You"


How do you like the idea of your special someone wrapped up warm and cozy in a throw designed just for them? A personalized throw made from your favorite memories or to commemorate the day of your first date is sure to please. Who wouldn’t love to receive such a thoughtful, unique gift? With the help of Things Remembered, you can have a special throw designed and delivered in no time at all.

Wall Plaque

If you’ve ever wanted to carve you and your love’s initials into a tree, here’s the perfect gift to memorialize your love without damaging a perfectly good tree! Personalization Mall makes a beautiful plank with a custom printed design that will make your sweetheart melt. You can keep it simple with your names or take it to the next level with the date of your first kiss! So even though trees don’t travel well, this plank will stay with you forever.

Jewelry Box

This one’s a classic that’s sure to make your darling’s eyes light up. For this one, I reccomend Etsy for a gift that’s truly unique! There are thousands of artisans to choose from. From simple and basic to detailed and ornate, there are options for everyone. You can choose one that’s customized for that extra something to express your love! Who knows, maybe that stylish jewelry box will be a beautiful story to pass on to your kiddo.

Champagne Glasses

Why not share a special Valentine’s toast with customized glasses to commemorate your lasting love? Personal Wine makes custom etched champagne flutes that will impress even the most picky recipient. You can add your sweetheart’s name or maybe a romantic saying to the elegant curves of the glass. What better gift to complete a romantic, candlelit dinner with your one and only?

Don’t let the idea of gift shopping intimidate you this Valentine’s Day. Let your fingers do the walking and your mouse do the clicking. Before you know it, you’ll have a gift your Valentine will adore and memories that will last forever.


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