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6 Must-Have Shoes for Gentlemen

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When it comes to judging a person, the first thing that comes under notice is their shoes. What we may think as an unnoticed part of one’s appearance defines what you truly are and how you groom yourself. A gentleman that stays sharp and knows what type of shoes go with which scenario is not only admired but also leaves a lasting impression.

The enormous variety of shoes available in the market bring numerous possibilities, and judging the right pair of shoes for the right occasion is what makes a true gentleman.  Here are six types of shoes every gentleman must have.

Chelsea Boots

No other shoe style, be it casual or formal, prove to be more stylish and versatile than the Chelsea boots. Good-looking enough for you to wear to a party, along with being formal enough for you to wear them to the office, Chelsea boots are a perfect casual-formal hybrid. A durable design and a plain finish add to the formal essence of the shoes, making them an ideal choice for the office.


Kicking back to the traditional grounds, the brogues bring out the true gentleman in anyone. An evergreen classic, brogues are one investment every gentleman should make. Ideal for office as well as formal parties, a well-maintained pair of brogues is certain to set one apart from the crowd and add a regal touch to your personality.


The loafers have proved to be the perfect midway shoes for gentlemen who look for smart shoes that can be worn for parties, along with being formal enough to be worn for office. A perfect blend of smart and casual, loafers have made a distinct place in the gentleman’s set of shoes and lasts to this day. Converse shoes in India excels in providing a plethora of loafers, making them one of the best brands to consider, before buying a pair of loafers.

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Desert Boots

This intriguing pair of shoes is nothing but Chelsea boots for people who love to tie laces. A hybrid of the Chelsea boot and lace-up boots, desert boots give the perfect winter look and go excellent with a suit or an overcoat. An especially thick body of the shoe provides ideal isolation during cold weathers, making them ideal when the temperature drops.


Casual shoes suffer a big disadvantage – there is a very thin line between great casual footwear and something that is way more casual than necessary. Trainers, therefore, require specific attention, to ensure that the former is the case. Ideal casual footwear, trainers provide comfort and go great with casual trousers as well, making them perfect weekend getaway footwear.


Oxfords are nothing but brogues with a plain finish. They have no excessive detail on the cap and are a more simplistic version of the highly-detailed brogues. While some may consider brogues over oxfords for their ‘less attractive’ appeal, oxfords bring simplicity and elegance to the wearer unlike any other pair of formal shoes. Something that has ever lasted in the shoe industry, a good pair of oxfords is certain to remain your trusted office companion for years.

The type of shoes mentioned above can be found easily on online shopping sites like Tata CLiQ, Jabong, Myntra, Amazon & more.

So shoe up, my dear gentlemen!

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