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Different styles of inners lead to adifferent style of love!

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When we talk about love on a romantic night, the first thing that may come to mind is the attire. If you are a woman, you have millions of choices for the night. Two of the best pieces that are available for women are G-String and Thongs. Generally, people think that these two pieces are same with different names. However, they are completely different from each other.

The concept called G-string

G-String or sometimes spelled as Gee-String is exclusively made for the romantic encounter. It is generally a narrow piece of cloth made of plastic or leather. It serves to hold the genitals. The garment passes from the middle of the buttocks and is connected to the waistline. G-string panty is not recommended for day-to-day work as it may get a little uncomfortable if you try to work wearing it. However, it is one of the best pieces available in the market if you want to seduce your man. The thin thread that is attached to the waistline often attracts aman to pull it by the teeth and the actions can easily flame up the room.

Thong is soft and sexy!

On the other hand, a thong is little bigger in size. Thongs have asoft touch and the fabric that runs between the buttocks is wider and more supportive. The waistline of the garment is also wider. Sexy Thongs for women are good for all day long teasing. They do not cause any trouble even while doing chores. If you want to spice up a holiday, you can also wear it and cook food. A pleasant surprise will take your man to another world.

Dresses do matter

It is very common conception that dresses may not play a big role in the romance. It is indeed a misconception and if you think this way, change your thoughts right away. No matter you are a man or a woman, dresses play very important role in the intimate relationships. Most of the women will not like to see their man in a tidy-whitey. Also, some may like boxers but other may prefer a franchise.

It is true that love does not consider outer beauty. It can happen to anyone at any given moment. Still, when you are in a relationship, there is no harm in selecting different attires for the nights. It will keep up the charm in the relationship and you or your partner will never get bored. Interestingly, different attires are suitable for different sexual positions as well. You can throw hints with your dress about the choice of your nightwear!

Teasing makes therelationship more interesting. A woman wearing just a thong and wet from top to bottom can make her man go bonkers. Being alone at home with your partner gives you a number of chances to spice up the relationship. You do not need to preplan everything. Just initiate the process and see how the night falls right into your mood.

No matter you go for a Thong or a G-String, the main aim should always be to have a good time with the partner. Spread the love all over him and let him shower the best moments of your life on you.

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