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How to Enrich the Image of the Bride – Wedding Accessories

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Wishing to complete the wedding image, most girls pick up bridal accessories to the selected dress. However, there are some exceptions, when a young lady has found particular handbag or shoes, and tries to find a dress, which will suit them.

Let’s take a closer look at the first option, when the bride first buys a dress and then other interesting accessories (in some cases she do it simultaneously). When choosing jewelry and accessories for a wedding dress, the main thing is to follow the principle of minimalism. The more modest the bride is – the better she looks. Don’t try to look like a Christmas tree.

What Jewelry is better to Choose for a Hairstyle?

In this matter, the bride should be guided by her own taste. It can be a veil, a diadem, a wreath or a bezel. Sometimes brides just make a beautiful set and decorate it with an original hairpin made of flowers, lace or ribbons. Some young women believe that the choice of jewelry for the hair can be affected by the age of the bride, but this is far from the truth, because flowers, for example, can decorate a hairstyle of both young girl, and older girl. The decorations should harmoniously blend into the intended image.

Bijouterie or Jewelry?

The modern image of a fiancé without costume jewelry is unthinkable. Some believe that the wedding dress should be supplemented only with jewelry decorations, but this is nothing near so. Bijouterie for the bride is not worse than jewelry made of precious metals, and sometimes even better. First, it is much cheaper, and secondly, the assortment is wider. For a richly decorated dress it is better to buy modest decorations. If you prefer a simple low-key combination, then you can pick up something bright and catchy. The current bijouterie can dramatically change the image for the better, if it is correctly selected. Everything in the image should be harmonious: head ornaments, costume jewelry, a dress.


Whether you need them or not, it’s up to you to decide. If you have beautiful, well-groomed thin hands, you do not need to hide them. A quality manicure in restrained tones is an excellent alternative to gloves. But if you want gloves, well, choose. There is a wide range of them: fishnet, silk, etc. The glove fabric should be in harmony with the fabric of the dress.

Shoes and Handbag

The color of shoes should be chosen according to the tone of the dress. Their style should be determined by the style of the dress. It is better to give preference to the classics: elegant lace-up boots on lacing or pumps on a high hairpin. A handbag can be a useful accessory. You can put cosmetics, mobile phones, handkerchiefs, and napkins in it. Naturally, it also needed to be selected in tone to the dress. In addition, the handbag should be compact.

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