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How to maintain a Super Organized Closet

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Having an orderly and perfect closet is much easier and simpler than you think, but believe it or not only you need to apply certain little tips that will make a big difference in your closet; For example, have hangers of the same style and put them all on one side is an insignificant change that will contribute to the overall look and organization of this important space in the home.

On the other hand, if you order and classify your mens clothes by colour, this will be much easier to find and also look much better in the closet. Like these, thousands of tips can be given to order your wardrobe, however today we want to give you know the 5 best and easiest tricks to apply in this place. Keep going down and you will meet. After using them, you will not believe how organised your closet will look.

Manage Space

Sometimes we only have in our cupboards or closets, the tubes where we hang the hooks with our shirts and pants and there is always space between levels that are lost because they do not get the real benefit they have, an excellent idea would be to create drawers in our Lockers to store small clothes and practices that do not need so much hustle and bustle to be stored, such as shorts, underwear or any other sporting garments, besides saving space in your room since with drawers embedded in your closet there is no need to have additional furniture in Your room.

Store your accessories

Sometimes we have caps, straps, ties, scarves, bags, etc. That look for a space to be stored and our closet is not qualified for that and we always throw it in the first chair or vacated table that we see, but following the idea of ​​installing drawers inside your closet, you can take advantage of this same to subdivide these drawers with the use of small boxes that serve to store your accessories without having to shake everything in one place.

Organize clothes

Try to keep your clothes organized according to the type of garment you own, in a nutshell, guide your shirts to leave at one place or end of your closet, while your work clothes elsewhere, and so on; This facilitates the storage and also allows you to get faster some type of garment in specific.

Sort by Colour

Another good way to keep the order of your clothes in the closet is that the orders by colour is an easier way to know where to place each thing and at the time of dressing you can think more quickly your ideal combinations to leave.

If the problem is that you do not have much space in your room then you should read 10 designs of closets ideal for small rooms

Organise your clothes according to the seasons

In Venezuela we are aware that we have two climatic seasons present a year, in a few words summer and winter, that is why an excellent way to organize and save space is to order your clothes according to these seasons, so if it’s summer you can keep your winter clothes In a trunk or in boxes and work with your shirts and shirts cooler and thus avoid that everything is tight in your closet.

Always need the mirror

Having a mirror in the closet is ideal, either front or behind the door, but it is always important to have one, because if you manage to keep order to swear you should see how you left before leaving for work or a special appointment.

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