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Princess and Super Hero Costume parties For Children

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Every kid wants an awesome birthday party. Of course, these are a little bit easier to plan when they are younger and they want themes like super hero or princess.  Ok, maybe it is not easy, necessarily, to plan a children’s birthday party, but it is easier to do if you know what kind of theme they like.

And young children like it when all the parts of the party match each other.  It is fun when the tablecloth and the streamers and the balloons and the plates and the napkins and, of course, the cake all correspond to a single idea.

It can also be fun when you introduce things like costumes and games and other activities related to the theme too.


This is particularly true of costumes at Children’s princess birthday party in Toronto.  Many little boys and girls love the idea of castles and dragons and magical worlds so a prince/princess party might be just the thing.  This is actually a common theme for children’s birthday parties (albeit a little more common among young girls), mostly because Disney movies focus on a princess character that little girls love.  As such, then, you could consider any of the following licensed Disney properties for your princess costume party:

  • The Little Mermaid (Princess Ariel or Princess Eric; or even the Sea Witch Ursula)
  • Cinderella
  • Frozen (Ana and Elsa or maybe Kristoff or even Olaf)
  • Tangled (Rapunzel or Flynn Rider)
  • Snow White

Any of these costumes—and related themes—would certainly make for a fun, magical, fantastical time.  Of course, you could also invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite storybook character, too, increasing the fun to include everyone in attendance.


Maybe your little girl doesn’t like princesses. Or maybe you have a birthday boy who is not into Disney movies. Maybe your child prefers super heroes and comic books.  Super Hero costume parties are also a big hit with kids.  Similarly, you could have a super hero party with a costumed character or with a particular theme like:

  • X-Men
  • Superman
  • SpiderMan
  • Wonder Woman

Children could also come as their favorite super hero and it could be a magical day when all the super heroes converge upon the city to save the day.  Or use your imagination and come up with something fun too!

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