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Rivoli Crystal

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Bead making can be dated back to about 3,000 years ago; it is utterly one of the oldest human arts you may think. Archaeologists do not fail to recognize the importance of beads mainly glass beads because they indicate that trade took place, as well bead making technology was spread. The Czech Republic popularly known for her glass beads can be traced back to world wars I and II as well the subsequent cold war. The Rivoli Crystal still stand out as one of the swashbuckling glass beads produced in Czech.

The Matubo Rivoli is a glass bead made in the Czech Republic by Matubo; it comes is various colors and patterns to suit your design and choice. In fact, they are exquisitely faceted and a bursting with colors. You may find the Matubo Rivoli in colors such as black, brown and gold, blue, green, yellow and orange, purple, pink and red, silver and even the Rivoli crystal.

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Matubo has been a leading name when it comes to making beads in the Czech Republic, little wonder its products have been going worldwide. The Rivoli Crystal is a swashbuckling bead made with distinctive glass rods with little or no imperfections, it has no holes, and it is enriched with crystal colors randomly mixed. You may be wondering the uses of the Rivoli Crystal and why you need it. Undoubtedly, everybody wants to look good; the ladies want to look even more stunning, this is why the Rivoli crystal is made. The Rivoli Crystal is perfect for earrings, bridal jewelry, and necklace; it makes you look unique. More importantly, the Rivoli crystal can also be used to glamorize wedding dress, bags and shoes.

The Czech Republic is not just a name when it comes to bead making; it has been famous for bead making for a very extended period.  Of course, the uniqueness of these beads like the Rivoli crystal made in the Czech Republic has caused it to be a highly sought bead. Its outstanding manufacturing process supports every individual family need.

The Matubo Rivoli Crystal comes in various dimensions to suit different needs. You can have the Rivoli crystal with different diameters such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16, and even 18mm; all are perfect for different purposes.  They are ideal for focal and embellishment designs; they come in with an appearance and quality which you can’t resist.

When you talk about the Czech Republic, its surviving history of bead making cannot be left behind. This is clearly seen in the impressive Rivoli crystal beads make from glass, which is highly sought for, as it gives the perfect look and quality.

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