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        The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide To Dressing for Your Wedding

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When it comes to dressing for a wedding, people ought to think that a guy’s job is really an easy one when compared to a girl’s job. Buy this is simply a myth, looking good on one’s big day is every boy’s dream too. Your attire plays a vital role in giving you a ravishing look on your big day, and we will try and educate you with few tips that can turn you into a stunning groom. With everything, right designer formal shirts to trouser cuffs, we will try and help you out with almost everything.

  • Suits

A suit is the first thing that a man will consider to wear on his big day. Suits have evolved greatly over the years, and the old style jackets and coats and loose fit trousers have now been replaced with slim fit trousers and sort length coats.Image result for The Ultimate Grooms' Guide To Dressing for Your Wedding

  • Seperates

For this kind of look, you could opt for a blazer, or sports coat or a jacket you love and pair it up with contrasting colored pants. You can choose bold colors or can even choose something subtle.

  • Shirts

Who says shirts are boring, you can make a real style statement in a classy designer shirt. You can look handsome effortlessly with a no tie and an open collar, also you can go for a hipster look, and the choice is all yours. The color of your shirt need not be white, as you can play with several shades and even prints for that matter.

  • Blazers

When we talk about blazers, you could go for ventless jackets for a slimmer look, or could opt for double side vents if you are a guy who loves hitting the dance floor. The three button jackets make taller men look all the more handsome, also your blazer need not be black all the time and you can opt for blue and browns. Pay extra attention to the fit of your blazer.

  • Pants

Opt for nice slim fit pants which are quite in nowadays, and show off your ankle a bit. Also make sure your pants are of correct length.

  • Waistcoats

Waistcoats look stunning on grooms; you can choose one to match your suit or could opt for a contrasting fabric, color and patterns.

  • Ties

You can opt for slim and sleek ties in nice, vibrant color and can also choose to wear a bow tie for a more sophisticated look.

Gone are the days, when you were supposed to spend hours in the market for doing your wedding shopping. Nowadays, you can buy all your favorite designer wear apparels and accessories online through various online luxury shopping stores. This way, you’ll not only save your time, but will also be able to avail plethora of choices and options for your big day. You can trust these sites completely when it comes to quality and authenticity. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Elitify, Darvey’s etc to name just a few.


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